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Information About Rare Vintage Sunglasses For Men and Women
Vintage Designer Sunglasses is the Reference & Education website of the Vintage Sunglasses Shop, the world's largest retailer of rare and authentic vintage sunglasses from the 1940s through the 1990s. We think it's important to help our visitors and customers understand and appreciate the unparalleled quality of sunglasses produced during this era, and we also strive to educate the public on how to identify counterfeits and identify the misleading terms and techniques unscrupulous sellers use to cheat and deceive. Moreover, choosing the right sunglasses for your face and eyes can be tricky, so we've created lots of content to help you select the right style and the right optics for your unique situation.

Major Brands & Designers
At Vintage Designer Sunglasses, we take pride in really knowing vintage sunglasses. We study the construction, test the lenses, and look for nuances in how major designer styles changed over certain periods of years. We do this both because we need to vet all of the vintage designer sunglasses we sell for period authenticity and because we are passionate about the quality and style of vintage sunglasses. Read about the history of famous brands and some of their most important innovations: Ray-Ban, Revo, Giorgio Armani, Carrera, Vuarnet, Oakley, Serengeti, Persol, Cazal, and more.
The History of Sunglasses
The Chinese began using colored lenses in eyewear in the 1300s, where Chinese judges sometimes wore smoke colored quartz crystal lenses to hide their eye expressions in court. A judge's evaluation of evidence as credible or not was to remain secret until a trial's conclusion. In the 1400s, the Chinese also introduced the concept of smoke tinting to darken eyeglasses. Like earlier quartz lenses, darkened lenses did not correct vision nor were they initially intended to reduce solar glare.
Sunglasses Styles By Decade
The golden age of sunglasses for both styling and optical quality innovation occured during the middle to later years of the 20th century, from the early 1960's through the 1990's. During each decade, sunglasses styles evolved to represent the feelings of the times and the market was dominated by smaller and more nimble companies as well as major new market entrants during each decade.
Don't Be Fooled By Fakes
You can buy authentic vintage sunglasses at auction - if you're either very knowledgeable or very lucky. Because of prices and demand, vintage sunglasses are widely counterfeited just like antiques, and a simple Google search for Ray-Ban will turn up plenty of Chinese and Asian suppliers of fakes. Some sell these counterfeits knowingly to cheat people, and others buy fakes unknowingly and then resell them at auction, not realizing they are contributing to the problem.
Choosing The Right Lens Color and Tints
Vintage sunglasses can be found in a wide variety of colors and lens tints, and selecting the right lens colors based upon your lifestyle and environment is important to maximize performance and your enjoyment wearing great vintage designer sunglasses. While not meant to be definitive nor absolute, the staff of Vintage Designer Sunglasses has compiled a few color hints to help you decide on the best lens colors for you. Sunglasses are perhaps most associated with consistently colored lenses in many different hues.
Choosing The Right Sunglasses For Your Face Shape
Selecting the right size and shape of vintage sunglasses to complement the shape of your face is important to get the best possible look, sure to attract attention and compliments. Learn how to determine what kind of face shape you have with some easy to do measurements along with our recommendations of some specific brands and styles of vintage designer sunglasses best suited for your unique characteristics.
UV and Blue Light Eye Protection
Not all sunglasses block 100% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) or High Energy Visible (HEV) rays, and cheap sunglasses are essentially worthless - little more than colored plastic or glass. The same is true of the out-of control proliferation of fake, reproduction designer sunglasses. Rare vintage sunglasses have been specially targetted for fakes due to the often high prices
they bring in the marketplace relative to new sunglasses.
Polarized Versus Mirrored Sunglasses
Polarized lenses help reduce glare, which can be a real problem in water sports and many other outdoor activities. Polarized sunglasses have been popular for years with boaters and fishermen who need to reduce reflected glare from the water surrounding them. Ambient light, or the light we use to see, is comprised of light waves that vibrate in an infinite number of directions, but these light waves will reflect off of flat or shiny surfaces.

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